About us

In 1993, Goyo LLC was established as the first private cashmere-wool company with only 50 employees in Mongolia. Today, we have grown into vertically integrated enterprise with the workforce of 400 people and annual production capacity of more than 300.000 pieces of cashmere knitwear.

Using precious natural fibers-cashmere, camel and yak wool, Goyo spins various counts of yarns to create fashionable knitwear for men, women and children as well as woven home furnishings of luxurious feel and styling. Goyo is distributed not only in Mongolia but also represented in metropolitan cities such as Paris, London, New York, Milan, Shanghai, and Hong Kong while custom ordered garments produced in Goyo and labeled with specific retailer or designer are being offered at high-end fashion markets of Europe and Asia. 

In the future, we are keep moving forward to our main mission - “Beautify the world with Mongolian Cashmere” by not only enhancing our technology, innovation, and creativity, by also cooperating with the lead technicians and consultants of our field from Italy, Japan and Great Britain.

We are working hard to keep strengthening Goyo Brand`s today`s successful position and bring it to international market, as well as to make a great contribution to our state’s export budget.