Corporate Social Responsibility


Previous Projects

For the past few years, GOYO LLC worked on projects encouraging the “Healthy-Living” by supporting the Mongolian athlete teams who participated in International Olympic Games.

Special Olympics15

In the year of 2015, GOYO brand and the Special Olympics Committee came together to discuss what efforts could be made to support the Mongolian athletes for their very first potential competition journey to the Special Olympics Games 2015 in Los Angeles. We have organized a month long campaign in efforts to raise enough funds for the members of Mongolian team at our stores.

Sochi Olympics14

According to the contract made between GOYO Brand and Mongolian National Olympic Committee, we provided complete outfit and accessories for the entire team who went to Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014.

The clothing Mongolian athletes wore at the opening ceremony of Sochi Olympics 2014 was selected as the “most interesting and stylish” in the Top 10 Designs Contests and was placed at the top ranks, leaving behind world-wide famous brands such as Ralph Lauren, Bosco, and Monclear.