Corporate Social Responsibility



Our prime CSR principle is to protect the nature and its regulation. Our centerpiece fabric, the cashmere, is produced with 100% natural process that is not harmful to the environment as well as the animal. All our production materials, and coloring substances are imported from internationally approved European provider.

Other than being aware of the environmental sustainability as a corporate company we also take our duty to contribute to the state`s budget by paying the tax fees according to the scheduled timing and the law very seriously. We have been an honest and loyal tax-payer for many years.

We are striving to keep improving the Mongolian cashmere quality and to demonstrate our people`s true potential ability to the world. We are also aiming to become internationally recognized valuable national brand and to make our contribution to the Mongolian export income.   

Furthermore, another fundamental focus of our company`s CSR is our main asset – the employees and the community. We encourage everyone around us to live “Healthy”. Aside from organizing projects related to our topic we also strive to encourage our people by providing healthy food, scheduled exercise timing at the workplace and appropriate work environment.